Another day- a poem for World War I

Essay by titanium June 2004

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Another crump hole,

Amongst the field of many,

The shine we long for,

Hides itself amongst the dirty clouds,

While the light of a shell,

Greets us with grief.

Another day, with so many wounds,

And another day with so many horrors,

Some try to peg out,

Others keep on fighting,

For the freedom they desire,

But not be there for them

A day will come,

When I'll be out there,

Just like the many that have passed,

Who hope they will live,

But this hop is a false hope,

A hope which cannot stay.

As much as I fear,

There will be a day,

Were I will hope,

Hope not to be out there,

Yet as much as I know,

There is no point in hoping,

Yet I still believe there is hope.

Some people prefer to have an appointment with a shell,

Rather than a surgery with the front,

But once its time,

Well let us just say,

Farewell, it was a nice life.