Another's Point of View by:Katy Buxton

Essay by interestedmind November 2004

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Learning to step outside of your comfort zone,

You just kept on yelling, "leave me alone."

You were not willing to see another's point of view.

All that you thought was, "my way is right and I know it's true."

What you don't understand is that, other minds considered,

The ignorance in your opinion makes your heart become littered.

You make no sense to say that you have love for all

And then contradict yourself by saying that all else would fall.

With your first thought in mind, shouldn't you not condemn the rest,

But love the world through Him, and hope just hope for the best?

No one knows for certain what eternity will bring.

On earth we must follow our hearts in search for our King.

But if someone you know, happens to disagree,

Don't argue, but tell your side, pray, and in the end we'll see.

Although my mind has been decided by trials that fill my space,

I know to let others decide freely, through things that they must face.

All truth will be revealed to us in a different place, at a different time.

More stories about forever to be filled within a different rhyme.

So, for now, I just ask you to look at your heart, and self reflect,

Because other's views count and they too deserve respect!