Another Short Story

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Everyone knows me as a very placid person except towards bigots. I abhor those who hamper people just because they are different. There are two girls that I know who are definite bigots and I tend to stay away from them. They act like everyone is supposed to be their slaves and no one has any enfranchise even on who is the best dressed person of the year. It really gets up to my nose. One day they counterfeited a headache or some kind of ache during our English test to get out of class.

Later, I found out that they threatened the smartest guy in our school to kindle fire in his pants if he didn't give them all the test answers. When I told my brother about this, he started giving me noxious ideas like I should TP their houses or something. There was no way I was going for that.

I heard about them a lot and let me tell you, they are abrasive! So I decided on something way better than TPing their houses. I told the English teacher about their bilking on the test and guess what? They got suspended! After that, they knew better than to mess with anyone, especially me because I let them know that I wasn't playing by putting little notes in their lockers every week saying "Don't mess if you don't want to stress!"