Another Teenage Loss

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As I walked into the venue, I looked around, happy at what I could see. There was a magnificent turn out, and all of them had come here to see that local band that everyone loved so much. I went over to talk to my friends, who were in the band, named Paul Went Awol.

''Hey people how are you tonight?" I asked, excited.

''Ecstatic, jolly, terrific'', Trudge, Jeff and Turq all replied simultaneously.

Just then, their band was called to go and do their set on stage. I caught Trudge's eye and saw a little sparkle. I could tell he was excited about playing. Everyone grabbed their drinks and shuffled through the bar into the stage area. The sight was astonishing, the crowd filled the room and they were all roaring for the three guys, the three I'd got to know so well over the past few months, the guys I loved and adored and would trust with my life.

As their first song started, everyone's faces lit up. As they heard the bouncy happy tunes, they all started skanking and moshing along with the music, having fun and laughing with their friends. At the end of the set, the band had two encores to try and get them to play more tunes for their happy fans, they did so, and everyone kept wanting more. Eventually, the band, now with very big smiles on their faces, got off stage and came over to me.

''Well done guys, awesome set,'' I said.

''Cheers,'' they replied.

''You still up for the party afterwards Lou?'' Trudge asked, whilst pulling his hair from his eyes.

''Indeed I am, I'll meet you outside in ten minutes ok?'' I asked.

''Sure thing,'' Jeff replied, with a smile.

I went and found some friends of mine.