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One of today's growing arguments is whether or not to offer birth control or information on Planned Parent Hood in high school without the parent's knowledge or approval. Should schools take the responsibility and make it easy for teens to obtain information on birth control or on Planned Parenthood? Should schools encourage safe sex, push for abstinence or do nothing? These are some of the questions that parents and I as a parent has to ask myself in when deciding for or against birth control and information on Planned Parenthood being available to my child in high school as being a good idea. By looking around my own environment and what is plainly to see many teenagers are having sex and having life altering results such as contracting STDs and becoming a teenage parent. Thus, I feel high schools should be able to assist teenagers in obtaining birth control or information on Planned Parenthood with out parent's knowledge or consent.

Distributing birth control or information on Planned Parenthood in high schools is a controversial topic that deals with the high percentage of young teenagers having sex, and what is the best way to protect them from getting pregnant and getting diseases. Parents and responsible adults can preach about abstinence and hope that a youth is listening. Or society and parents can deal with reality, knowing teens are having sex and teach them how to protect themselves. I am sad to say that I am an aunt to a teenage mother, she had no parent guidance or resources available to her regarding boys and sex and with no help by the age of 14 she had a life altering change because she had her 1st child by the age of 15. And, with no...