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Proctor & Gamble (P&G) is a global corporation employing over 98,000 people worldwide. There are five paper manufacturing plants in the United States that produce Charmin, Puffs, and Bounty products. The paper plants are located in: Oxnard, California, Albany, Georgia, Green Bay, Wisconsin, Cape Girard, Missouri, and Mehoopany, Pennsylvania. We will concentrate our efforts on the amount of sheet breaks of Charmin product in the Albany, Georgia plant.

Albany runs its paper machines 24 hours a day seven days a week. The plant has four teams consisting of at least five people on a team on a 2/2/3 - 12 hour rotation. Simply put, a team works two days, is off two days, works three days and so on and so forth. The plus side is, a technician really only works half a year at a good rate of pay. The downside is that a technician is always tired.

The one thing all four teams try to avoid is sheet breaks. A sheet break is a break in the paper that is rolling up and it is unavoidable. There are many causes for a sheet break to happen. Excess water drops, excess stock drops, or drying, thickness, softening, or glue coating problems. These problems need to be addressed quickly as it costs P&G approximately $300 per minute for the down time. See the table below for data regarding the four team sheet breaks.

P & G have machinery that produces paper products. The machinery is operated by four separate groups of technicians. Although breaks do happen, excessive breaks and shutdowns are to be avoided. The four teams' breakages were monitored for five weeks and each team records its breaks per week. We would like to determine if the breaks are excessive.

Team A Team B Team C Team D...