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Team B

RES 342

University of Phoenix

Mr. McMahon

February 27, 2007


Research Issue

This research paper will be discussing the use of the ANOVA hypothesis testing system. Team chose a research subject dealing with the price of groceries. The members of the team went to different grocery stores to compare prices of certain items. Team is going to perform an ANOVA hypothesis test to determine if there is a difference in the retail price of groceries at Publix, Winn-Dixie, and Wal-Mart grocery stores.


For research purposes, Team B went to three different grocery stores to get the prices of 15 items. These items were pre-selected in order to standardize the results. The items used in the test are items that most households buy on a regular basis. In order to conduct the hypothesis testing, Team had to come up with a hypothesis to test.

Team B's hypothesis statement is as follows: "There is no difference in the price of groceries at Publix, Winn-Dixie, and Wal-Mart grocery stores."


The ANOVA hypothesis testing procedure is used to compare three or more population means simultaneously. It is also used to test whether two sample variances are equal. Team B will be testing three population means. To be able to use the ANOVA test the data must be distributed normally and the information must be of the ratio or interval level of measurement (Lind, Marchal, & Warthen, 2004).

The first step the researcher must take to perform the ANOVA test is to make a hypothesis statement. The must be a null hypothesis and an alternative hypothesis. The null hypothesis is designated as Ho. The null hypothesis equates the "population parameter to a specification." (Lind, Marchal, & Wathen, 2004) This hypothesis will also...