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ANOVA Testing

There are many opportunities that exist which either challenge or support theories of differences between the genders. These differences include mental and physical ability as well as simpler topics such as memory and recall ability. Finding out what those differences are can help us reach a better understanding of each other, thus providing a more equitable relationship between the genders.

This learning team has chosen to use ANOVA Testing to assist in a limited scope project to see if there is any difference between the memory or recall ability of men and women. Exploring and finding out if there are any differences in the abilities of either group may help yield some interesting and valuable information.

牋牋牋牋In the following study, the team members each tested groups of employees at their respective workplaces on their recall abilities. In order to shape such a test, it was necessary to devise a structured approach for gathering and interpreting the information.

Therefore, the scope of the test was formulated based on hypothesis testing. The following hypothesis was established as the criterion for the test:

Null hypothesis (Ho): Males and females do not have different observational abilities or �= �

Alternative Hypothesis (H1): Males and females do have different observational abilities or � �

The study consisted of three groups of ten men and three groups of ten women. The test subjects were advised beforehand of the subject of this test and were asked if they were interested in participating. The test subjects represent employees of various skill and employment levels at Aurora Health Care, First Health, and Citicorp Financial Services.

The sample sizes and constructs were as follows:

First Health 30 people - 10 (F) 10 (M)

CitiGroup Financial 30 people - 10 (F) 10 (M)

Aurora Health Care 30 people...