An answer, full of opinion, to the question "What is Love?". Inspired by the play Romeo and Juliet.

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Aww, I love you so much; this isn't working; it's over! There's so much involved in love, and so many unanswered questions, yet no one seems to be able to tell us what love is exactly. Who can experience it? Is there such a thing as "love at first sight"? Who knows, but everyone has their own opinions, and anyone can talk about it.

Many people seem to think that teens can't experience a meanignful boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, and in a way they're right. There are many of us who can't, but there are still many who can; therefore, no one should be judged or told no they can't have a boyfriend or girlfriend. I've seen many a relashionship fail, and have easily been able to pick out reasons why. Number one reason I see is that girls constantly try to get their boyfriend "whipped", and that just doesn't work.

They aren't dogs, or "boy-toys" as some call them, and sayings like that really irritate me. Another reason is that it seems as if neither one of the members of the relationship can get over simple little problems or fights. As soon as one little disapointment or bump in the road comes up, that's it, they're out, but you can't do that.

Then there's true love. Can anyone really say what true love is? In my opinion, it's based on many different things. Honestly, loyalty, kindness, they all build a relashionship, but without a certain connection between the two people, it's only like a friendship, it's not love. True love is a mutual feeling; it's not just a friendship between two people, or even something a little deeper than that, it's a true connection and bond that cannot be broken, and that one can not describe in words alone.