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Power, it is what everyone seeks in this world. How you get to it is up to you. Many people try to manipulate others into believing what they say. Others use brute force. Now imagine if both of those tactics are combined. When you do, you get war. Now two types of people are included in war, the solider, and the commander. The power hungry, manipulative, and the forceful; are all known as government officials. From the lowliest senator, to the president, all power hungry convincing others to fight for them. Simply put, people fight for power, whether it is by words, or with a gun, they all want the feeling of I beat you, and I am better than you are. Now the soldiers may also be known as the power hungry in their own right. The next few paragraphs will contain examples.

Full Metal Jacket was a movie about young soldiers going off to Vietnam to fight a war.

The generals commanded them to fight, and fight they did. Now, many of the recruits did not want to go and fight, take Pvt. Joker for example, he wore a peace symbol on his hat, and killed on the battlefield. He beat up Pvt. Pile, and could not stand the screaming afterward. He did not want to fight, but was forced to due to the draft. Another fine example of this was in "Legends of the Fall", where the two brothers go off to war and fight in the "name of their country", and their other older brother goes just to watch after them. Two different reasons to fight, two different reasons to die. Now perhaps the younger brothers were power hungry, and wanted to kill to feel supreme? On the other hand, maybe it was the...