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A General Research of Antacids and Indigestion

Many people had experienced an uncomfortable feeling within their stomach after a big meal at home or at a restaurant. This is being considered one of the symptoms of indigestion. The symptom of indigestion had become frequent, based on the IFFGD (International Foundation of Functional Gastrointestinal Disorder), the percentage of Americans who suffered from indigestion such as heartburn is 44% monthly and 7% daily. Heartburn can be described as a sharp pain and a burning sensation within the chest caused by the stomach acid. The stomach acid within our body known as the Hydrochloric Acid and it is very important to the process of digestion. Indigestion should be treated as soon as it is detected because it is dangerous and it can harm the internal environment of our body.

There are many similar symptoms that can be misconceived and misdiagnosed as indigestion or heartburn in general.

The chances of people who get indigestion problem resulted in their life style, the way they eat, and live. People should best know what type of food their body is fond and is not fond to and come up with a diet plan to avoid indigestion. There are many factors that can cause indigestion. To prevent indigestion symptom, instead of using acid blocker which is a thing that interrupt the digestive process within the body, consuming antacids is a healthier way. Also control the amount of alcohol consumption because it can be an obnoxious factor that triggers indigestion.

To fight indigestion, there are many methods but the most effective method is taking antacids. Antacid is known for its ability to neutralize the pH level of the stomach acid and relieve the pain within your stomach. Strong antacids usually contain these basic ingredients: Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, and Aluminum.