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Antarctica is the coldest continent on earth and no indigenous people have ever lived there. The first tourists visited Antarctica in 1958 and this started to cause a lot of problems. There are many issues concerning the development of Antarctica - One of the issues is the presence of people in Antarctica.

After the explorers' expeditions through Antarctica, a lot of scientists set up bases at Antarctica to do some scientific research on Antarctica - this disrupted the environment: making permanent damages to nature.

In December 1959, an Antarctic Treaty was formed. The treaty tells us that:

* Antarctica is to be used for peaceful purposes only which means that no military activities are allowed.

* Researchers are allowed to do scientific research in Antarctica.

* People are not allowed to take over the land.

* Nuclear explosions and dumping of radioactive waste in Antarctica is not allowed.

Currently, forty three countries have signed the treaty.

The biggest concern at the moment is global warming! There are dramatic signs of climate change in Antarctica. The glaciers are melting at a fast rate and the population of penguins is decreasing. In addition, the ozone layer above Antarctica is created from the release of man made chlorofluorocarbons which means that visits to the Antarctic may cause permanent damage to your eyesight and skin; this ozone will also create damages for the land itself.