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1. In the novel, Anthem, Ayn Rand writes about the dangers man may face in the future by describing what happens to a boy named Equality who is persecuted in a technologically backwards-totalitarian society.

2. "Everything which comes from the many is good. Everything that come from one is evil." Ayn Rand wrote this in the end of the ninth chapter. It is typical of the story because right now Equality is beginning to have doubts about everything he has learned in the city. The sentence gets at the heart of the book. Should we accept things as right just because that's what we've been taught even though our hearts tell us it isn't true? 3. The theme of the book is that standing up for who you are and what you believe in is worth it no matter what the cost. Happiness doesn't come from denying your own thoughts just so you're in line with everybody else.

Happiness comes from using your brain if you're smart, kissing the girl you're attracted to, and standing up for yourself even if the whole world is yelling at you.

4. Equality is a boy who is smarter, healthier, and stronger then his brothers. He is a really gifted child. When he is little, he believes everything that he has been taught. As he gets older, he begins to question why he is a street sweeper when he is smart enough to be a scholar. He goes against society when he dares to think about a woman he likes instead of settling for not talking or hugging and only touching when forced to breed. Equality changes even more when he uses his brain and finds a light that can help society. He struggles to understand why the council would be mad at him instead of happy. During his time hiding in the uncharted forest, Equality questions many things about life. He starts seeing that his society is wrong. Ego is not a negative word. It is what keeps us from acting like brainless robots.

3.The major problem in the book is how the council doesn't want to change. When their children are born they already have a job lined up for them. If they are smart they could have a bad job. Equality had to be a street sweeper when he was smart enough to be a scholar. After Equality found the light in the tunnel, the council got mad at him and told him he was going to be punished for breaking the law.