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The book Anthem by Ayn Rand had many different important themes. Ayn Rand wrote this book in 1946. The theme I will be looking at is how life controls its society.

I believe it does. By using 3 main points, I will have proven that this is true.

The 3 main arguments are as follows : 1. There is no individualism.

2. Working for society.

3. How electricity was refused because men overruled other men and that it was a discovery by one person, not a group.

How does this life controls its occupants? There is no individuality taught to any one. There are no singular pronouns taught and no one has never heard one before. Yet if one finds out what that word is, he/she will be lashed to death. Everyone in society is told to be like all our brother men for all men must be alike. You did not need to think for your self because you were told what and what not to do.

Over the portals of the Palace of the World council, there are words cut in the marble of the building, which students repeat to them selves when ever they are tempted to be individuals or when in doubt about unanswered questions.

" We are one in all and all in one.

There are no men but only the great WE, One, indivisible and forever. " This shows us how there minds are brain washed into believing that there is only We and no I.

At age 5 when boys are sent from the Home of the Infants and sent to Home of the Students, they will learn for ten years and leave to work on there fifteenth year.

All the boys in the Home of the Students with there right hand up...