"Anthem" by Ayn Rand analyzed

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The story, "Anthem" by Ayn Rand is based on her strong views of individualism. Her opinions concerning the nature of man and daily life are quite clear and appear in various areas of the story. The author uses one character, Prometheus, in particular to point out the wrongs in society. The people of the world in the story are extreme collectivists, and did absolutely everything as a group, not allowing any individual activity. Prometheus, though always having been a part of this society he never accepted it's ways, and he did not posses the same views of the rest of the world. Prometheus had been lost, and without understanding, though he craved knowledge.

Prometheus finally found his purpose and understood why he was left confused and with out knowledge. The rulers had created laws to keep a purely collective society and restrict all individualism. He however did not abide by these laws, he was craving knowledge and could not live in this cooperative and group oriented society.

All of his life he wished to gain knowledge and improve himself in various ways, however the laws specifically stated that it is a sin for one to be superior in any way. He finally discovered "why the best in me had been sins and my transgressions and why I had never felt guilt in my sins". This realization came when he had separated himself from society and was living as an individual.

Prometheus was always eager for knowledge and improvement but never truly understood why he could not achieve and understand. He was living in a world, that did not allow any individual acts, and prohibited one from being or becoming superior, no one could feel inferior in this group or it would not be fair for them. Prometheus realizes...