Anthrax, Cure For Cancer

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NEWS ARTICLE WORLD WEEKLY NEWS "ONE MANS POISON..." 4-20-02 This article shows one mans theory of a cancer killing toxin, called Anthrax.This anthrax is engineered to go after cells that represent cancer cells.Of course this theory is only a project in the making. The man who created this whole theory is named Stephen Leppal, who works for the National institutes of health.

Because of Anthrax attacks in our nation, extensive research is still being undergo to make this theory an acuality.

More federal funds keep coming in for this research. This money will not only help in our countries fight against anthrax, but further enhansments towards a cure for cancer. This article could effect every person who has cancer, because this could lead to the cure, or something close to it. I choosed this article because It looked interesting, and it really was. Finding out that there might be a close cure for cancer could lead our medicines to another further expansion to our medical technology.

I really enjoyed this article for all the reasons above.