Anti-Affirmative Action

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Affirmative action is a term used when talking about policies/laws that keep minorities (women, African Americans, Latino's, and other non-dominant groups) from being "discriminated" against. It encourages businesses, colleges, and other places of employment to employ/admit more people that are in a "minority." These minorities are classified by what race, gender, ethnicity, disability, religion, or sexuality. It makes employers hire people just because of they are part of a minority.

The University of Washington removed its practice of "race-conscious" decisions after enforcing it for thirty years. They say they are also reviewing other programs that may give preferential treatment to any race, gender, or age. About twenty-four percent of the minority students in the freshman class would not have been admitted without the affirmative action policies. They estimate that over the past thirty years they have graduated over 5,000 minority students because of their affirmative action policy.

Discrimination is what affirmative action is trying to remove from society.

However to say that you have to hire a black person over a white person because the black person is going to go screaming racist is wrong. If the white man does a better job than the black man then the white man should get he job. If the black guy does a better job then he should get the job. By using affirmative action you are discriminating against the majority.

The University of Washington had a bake sale to protest affirmative action. They allowed any student to buy donuts as long as they were not white or Asian American. White students were charged one dollar for a cookie, while blacks and other minorities were charged anywhere from 25 cents to 95 cents to a cookie. They did this bake sale to prove what affirmative action does: judges people based on color.