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The definition of globalization according to Dictionary is: "The tendency of investment funds and businesses to move beyond domestic and national markets to other markets around the globe, thereby increasing the interconnectedness of different markets." Globalization has been discussed from many aspects: economic, political, environmental, human rights, etc. like most issues there is a pro side and a con side argumenting from the different platforms.

Members of the anti-globalization generally want to protect the worlds population and environment from globalizations negative effects, they believe that the negative effects overweigh the positive, of course there is the group of people that see no positive results from globalization. Anti-globalists commonly use human rights as an argument, they believe that all people should be treated equally, people should have the same rights no matter where they live or education, they believe that globalization has taken over and corporations are exploiting the workers for monetary reasons.

Critics claim that the aftermath of globalization has resulted in rich people getting richer and poor getting poorer. They argue that when free trade increased companies did not take an interest in poor undeveloped nations, they instead concentrate on making the largest profits possible. fair trade theorists argue that unrestricted free trade only benefits the large corporations or private people, the people with money that is, on the contrary, whom it does not benefit though is the lower working class, the people without money. Companies exploit these people, knowing that they either desperately need work due to high unemployment, or they lack education and therefore they have to take the jobs they can get. These acts of desperation caused the companies to be able to cut the workers wages, making them sometimes work for three days in a row, under horrible condition, and with almost no pay at...