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Anti-Semitism is hostility or discrimination toward Jews. It has been an issue in the world for thousands of years. Actually German Anti-Semitism first started in the early 1800's. The work that influenced people about Anti-Semitism was "Entdecktes Judentum" (Judaism Unmasked) by Johan Andreas Eisenmenger. This work of his created the conclusion that Jews were of a separate race and were poisonous to society, not human beings and were very dangerous and are life threatening. The theory of racial superiority was used to justify the civil and religious persecution of Jews that had existed throughout history. This pattern of German Anti-Semitism was followed in other parts of central Europe.

With the rise of Christianity throughout the world, discrimination towards Jews on religious grounds became international. Social anti-Judaism made its appearance. Jews were massacred in great numbers, confined in ghettos, and required to wear identifying marks or garments saying that they are Jewish.

Because of The Great Depression in America, Germany suffered because they made a lot of foreign loans from the United States. People were losing jobs and the economy was going down.

Adolf wrote his % Bible" called Mein Kampf (My Struggle) while he was in prison. He wrote all his ideas about his new government and how he will make Germany a better place for everybody. After he got out of prison he made a lot of Anti-Semitic speeches that made people believe that Jews were the bad people in society and responsible for the loss of World War I. He argued that the race was the superior race surpassing all other races. believed that the race was being threatened by the Jewish race. With this being said he blamed Jews for everything wrong that happened, like the depression and the loss of jobs and economy, the loss...