Anti-Social Behavior

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Anti-Social Behavior Many kids go to school everyday wondering if there will be a school shooting at their school. They are also wondering if they will become a victim. All across America, school shootings are happening, and they are taking away the lives of young kids. What exactly are the reasons for these kids to commit such an act of violence, and how can society prevent a tragedy like these to occur? Every community must take steps to address school violence. In doing so, many questions may arise. Where does a community begin the process of addressing school violence? How can schools prevent or reduce school violence? How can communities plan for handling school violence when it does occur? At every school shooting like Littleton, Santee, Pearl, Paducah, and Jonesboro, there is always the question; why are these kids bringing guns to school and killing and injuring these innocent people? There are many reasons for these acts of violence, but mostly they are committed because of bullies, video games, jealousy, and cultures.

At every school across the country, there are many bullies who pick on kids for no reason. One case is in Alaska, where Evan Ramsey opened fire and killed the principal and a student. Ramsey said, "Nobody liked me, and I could never understand why"� (Roche et al 3). "He committed his rampage because he was sick of being picked on in school"� (Roche et al 3). Many kids get picked on in school, but they do not go to their school and open fire killing people.

Another reason why these kids are killing people at their schools is because of video games. Many kids enjoy playing video games in which they kill people. A good example of this is the video game James Bond also known as...