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A seventeen year old girl did what she thought was best and by doing that she shall be punished. Antigone was written in the 5th century b.c.e by the name of Sophocles. He born in 498 b.c.e and died in 406 b.c.e in Colonus. And wrote 123 plays and he won 20 first place prizes from these. Two brothers shared the throne until one had decided he liked the feel of power and keeps the throne for himself, which lead to war that killed both brothers. King Creon honored one with the burial and left the other one to shame which angered their sister, Antigone, due to the knowledge of that she could be sent to death for treason, she buried and honored her brother with no grave.

Creon thought that his laws were above the gods. One reason he thinks that is because he can't bend the rules for his own blood.

Another reason is he doesn't want to be a trader to his home. He does not think polinices deserves a burial for attacking his home. "My sister's child - aye, were she even nearer, Nearest and dearest, she should not escape full punishment - she and her sister too, her partner, doubtless, in this burial."(418 - 421) Antigone thinks the gods' laws are above Creon's laws. She knows the order did not come from the gods. She's a big believer of the gods. She's upset about the fact that her brother condemns her. " If this is the gods' will, I shall learn my lesson In death, but if my enemies are wrong I wish them no worse punishment than mine."(797 - 799) Sophocles supported the higher law as a person could tell by reading the Antigone. Antigone never broke under Creon's threats; the story would have been different if she had given in. At the end pollicies was buried as proof of the higher laws being followed. Sophocles wanted the higher laws to take part in this story.

Antigone sealed her fate by doing what she thought was right. Creon followed the law of the state while Antigone followed the law of the gods'. Both laws clashed to come with Sophocles best play. He believed in following the higher law, but most of us have to follow the law of the state because we must. Other stories could never compare to the Antigone.