"Antigone" is an interesting Greek story by Sophocles.

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Creon is one of the main characters in the story of Antigone. Antigone is an interesting Greek story by Sophocles. Creon is a bad king because he believes that everyone should obey him, their king, regardless of what they believe. Creon is also obstinate, prideful, and arrogant. Because of those things Creon makes poor decisions.

Creon will never admit he's wrong and doesn't give back to his people. "Wrong? To respect my own authority?" (Page 525 lines 640) Creon thinks he is right because he is king and should only be responsible for his self. Creon doesn't care what happens to others. He has too much pride to confess his weaknesses. "No I am king, and responsible only to myself" (pg 525 line 632) Creon is too proud. He thinks everyone should obey him without giving anything back to his people. Creon is not a wise king at all because he is full of selfishness and takes but doesn't give in return.

Creon feels it is everyone's duty to obey their king regardless of what they believe is right. "The people of Thebes think not." "The people of Thebes since when do I take my orders from the people of Thebes"(pg 524-525 line 629-630) Creon won't even listen to what his city's people have to say which makes him unfair. Whenever the suggestion off listening to other people arises Creon quickly turns it down. "You'll never marry her this side of death" (pg 525 line 645) Creon even tells his own son what to do, he doesn't care just as long as he gets what he wants. Creon expects and wants everyone to be under his control so his own people are too afraid to speak their minds. Creon is a bad king because he is too stubborn to...