Antigone the Play

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El Camino College's presentation of Antigone was elaborate and well done using a one scene structure. Using only one scene made it easy to spot that it was a College level play, but the level of acting could have easily been portrayed as professional. The plot of the play was well told, but however confusing to me at first. At the beginning of the play, I had no idea what the story was about, and finally when I figured out what was going on - I became a little confused. The whole concept at first baffled me, making me think I did not understand the story, but after watching it all, I believe I got it down. The main plot is that Creon's Daughter, Antigone, buried her brother's body - being a crime, as burying a body is letting the sole rest. So Antigone's brother was supposedly a bad guy and Antigone's actions angered Creon, and disobeyed his order.

Creon sentenced Antigone to death, and most of the play, Antigone pleads for her life. Around the end, the blind fortune teller warns Creon, that his actions were bad, and he will pay if Antigone dies. Creon thinks of a loop hole, involving Antigone to kill herself, and hence, making the fortune come true. The story kept me hooked in the beginning as I didn't know what was going on, and finally when I understood the plot, I wanted to sit through the end to see if the fortune teller's fortune would come true. I enjoyed the story not being told with a narrator, as that would be spoon feeding the audience; instead it was told in third person, keeping the plot a puzzle.

I thought the script was well suited for all the characters, especially...