"Antigone" by Sophocles.

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" He is bound to put us to death. WE are bound to go out and bury our brother." Pg. 305 ~Antigone

This expressed the conflict of knowing if you are correct in your actions. Antigone needs assurance, so she plays of her sister's fears and in the process assures herself that asking for death is okay because what she is doing is noble. Antigone is just a young girl and the conflict she is experiencing is inter-conflict.

"He is stronger than we are, Antigone. He is King." Pg. 306 ~Ismene

Ismene is unsure of her decision and she doesn't want to lose her sister. She might think that Antigone will think less of her if she doesn't have the guts to go through with asking for death in the process of burying her brother. She argues with Antigone stating that Polynices never loved them and it was only a myth that a soul would wander around aimlessly if it wasn't buried.

" Haemon, you loved me! You did love me that night, didn't you? You're sure of it! Pg. 310 ~Antigone

The debate between her personalities is amazing. In a way she might want to stay alive because she is in love. She is almost asking him to say "no," that he didn't love her because then she would have an easier decision to make. Her life would only matter to her, another that held her heart.

" If you please, Haemon, go now. It is the only thing left that you can do for me if you still love me." Pg. 312 ~Antigone

Even though Antigone speaks this quote, it is a conflict for Haemon. He has to choose whether or not to leave his beloved fiancé and to do as she asks.