Anton Chekhov "Three Sisters".

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The Three Sisters

By: Anton Chekhov

GENRE: Russian Drama

SETTING: Various rooms in the house of Prozorov, a small country town, Russia.

THEMES: "Talk, talk, nothing but talk all day long!" (Masha, IV)

"Such trifles, such silly little things, sometimes become so important suddenly for no apparent reason! You laugh at them, just as you always have done, you sill regard them as trifles, and yet you suddenly find they're in control and you haven't the power to stop them." (Tuzenbach, IV).


Prozorov, Andrei Sergeevich

Natasha (Natalia Ivanova) - his fiancée, afterward his wife

Olga (Olga Sergeevna, Olya, Olyushka, Olechka) - his sister

Masha (Marya Sergevvna) - his sister

Irina (Irina Sergeevna, Irenushka) - his sister

Kulygin, Fëdor Ilyich, a teacher at a boy's school and husband to Masha

Vershinin, ALeksandr Ignatievich, a lieutenant colonel and battery commander

Tutzenbach, Nikolai Lvovich, baron and a lieutenant in the army

Soleni, Vasili Vasilievich, a captain

Chebutykin, Ivan Romanovich, an army doctor

Fedotik, Aleksei Petrovich, a second lieutenant

Rodè, Vladimir Karlovich, a second lieutenant

Ferapont (Ferapont Spiridonich), an old porter from the County Council Office

Anfisa, the Prozorov's former nurse, and old woman of eighty

Roles for 9 men and 5 women.


The Prozorovs live in a rural town where an army division is garrisoned. Despite the seemingly endless flow of people in and out of the house, the sisters constantly seek something more in their lives, embodied in their recurring desire to move to Moscow. They complain about their lives, but do little or nothing to change it. Irina takes a job, Masha has an affair with Vershinin, Olga becomes headmistress of a local school, and Andrei marries Natasha. Their lack of action has now tied them to their small town and they remain even...