Antonio Sacre, a famous writer and story teller's ideas of American culture.

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Antonio Sacre - Latino Culture

The Cuba-Irish-American who came to tell enthusiastic stories of cultural differences between Latinos and Americans, Antonio Sacre possess an opinion people across America are privileged to hear, including myself. Sacre's ability to reach out to the audience and draw them in with his bi-lingo drama techniques makes all his short stories exciting. Through these inspirational stories, one can see the cultural differences immediately. The differences in celebrations, nutrition, and relationships all turn up in the short stories. Yet still, similarities between cultures also are prevalent throughout the stories.

The first topic of Sacre's presentation is a celebration in itself, and it is the first time I have heard of the holiday. The celebration is why Sacre is actually speaking across America and the special event is Latino Heritage Month. The month of September is designated for the Latino culture to stand up and be proud of their heritage.

Sacre points out that America may seem perfect, but most all Latino immigrants miss their home island. The month of September is a time where they can recognize the value of their own culture. Another culture difference is the naming of the eldest son of a family. In Cuba, it is an honor to carry the name Papito, which is given to the eldest son. Here in America children are harassed if they embrace a non-American name. The severe badgering forces many young immigrants to change their first name to hide their cultural ties. At the age of five, immigrants begin to deal with racism to the extent of which they need a name change. Antonio's birth name is Papito, but because of the tremendous harassment, he received; he changed his name.

Many people including myself believe that Cuban food is exactly like Mexican food. Like...