Was any one of these reasons more important than the others in Hitler's rise to power?

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Question 3. Was any one of these reasons more important than the others in Hitler's rise to power?

The Treaty of Versailles was important to Hitler's rise to power because, it was the cause of Germany's downfall. Hitler felt very strongly about the Treaty of Versailles and thought the terms were unfair towards Germany. Many German people also despised the treaty, and wanted something done about it. Hitler was there to turn to. He wanted to abolish the treaty and all of it terms. Consequently the Treaty of Versailles helped to cause the Economic depression, in Germany. Meaning that the treaty and the economic depression were both linked together strongly, because the treaty told Germany to pay reparation bills, around ?6600 million to the countries they damaged during World War 1. Which meant that Germany did not have much money left for it. This caused the start of the economic downfall, among other issues.

This was extremely important to Hitler's rise to power, as it enabled him to help the German people and use his oratory skills to impress people with his words and won the nation's heart.

The economic depression, 1923 & 1929 is linked with Hitler's oratory, personality and leadership. Although it applies more to the economic disaster of '23' because at this time the German people needed someone to turn to for help and Hitler offered to take them over as someone to lead them to a better Germany, Hitler states some ideas for example "the abolition of the Treaty of Versailles" and "the union of Germany and Austria". These were popular as a lot of Germans also agreed.

In my opinion this was the biggest influence to Hitler's rise to power, because all the causes on the list used Hitler's oratory, personality...