An anylsis of Grapes of Wrath, The informer John Ford movies and Mr.Deed goes to Town, and Mr Smith goes to Washington by Frank Capra

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'A great man and a great American, Frank Capra is an inspiration to those who believe in the American dream' John Ford

'The megaphone has been to John Ford what the chisel was to Michelangelo.....Ford Cannot be pinned down or analyzed. He is pure Ford--Which means pure great' Frank Capra

Frank Capra and John Ford have directed many classic movies and it is unfair to only view two of their works and summarize all there is too say about their styles, so I won't. Instead, I will be discussing different styles and conventions that Frank Capra and John Ford used in the four movies I viewed. These movies are Mr. Smith goes to Washington, Mr Deeds goes to Town both Capra, films and The Informer and Grapes of Wrath by Ford.

America in the 30's was a time of hardship economically, politically and socially. If you have taken an American history course you know all about the depression and the crisis that it bestowed upon the land.

Hollywood, the movie making capital of the world tried its best not to reflect the problems of the country in its products. Instead of the grim realities of world, Hollywood lured in the audience with escapist movies. The classic thirties genres like screwball comedies, glamourous musicals and fantasy movies, were mere ploys to divert the sad reality of the time and in doing so Hollywood firmly defined its role as entertainer not critic. Capra and Ford can also be accused of following this pattern too, with other movies they made. The 30's were also a time of the great studio system and one had to work under the control of these institutions, although both directors managed to achieve enough fame and power that they could create their own visions. With this power and...