Anyone or Everyone can be a Hero

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When it comes to the topic of heroes, many people immediately think of Spiderman, Superman, or Batman. These superheroes are admired for their special abilities that normal people don't have. They help bring justice to the world. Yet in reality, a hero is a person who is admired for his or her achievements and qualities. Spiderman, Superman, and Batman are superheroes, but it really doesn't matter whether or not a person has superpowers or not. Anyway, the superheroes are just made-up from the creator's imagination. Although it isn't known, everybody in the world has a capability to be a hero. However, not everybody becomes a hero because a person has to make one's own choices on whether or not to do good or evil. Today's true heroes should be historical heroes, personal heroes, or people just helping out in the community. The historical heroes are the ones that helped make the world like it is today.

There are many people from the past who are important people in the world even today because they influenced the whole society. Almost everyone in the United States, especially African Americans, knows about Martin Luther King Jr. He was an extraordinary man because he made a huge impact on society. He helped African Americans peacefully fight for their rights and be integrated with the rest of the people instead of being segregated. Eventually, the African Americans received their rights thanks to the speeches and all Martin Luther King Junior had contributed in the efforts to be as equal as another person. There was also the women's civil rights act in which the women protested so they could be able to vote. The women also received their rights. That is one type of hero: one that helps make a historical impact on society. However, there...