Anyone lived in a pretty how town, written by e.e. cummings

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anyone lived in a pretty how town reflection

anyone lived in a pretty how town was written by e. e. cummings. e. e. cummings is writing about life in a small town and also about happiness. I look at this poem as a form of unconscious delight, which may seem different to others, but it makes me happy. everyone in the small town sits back and does absolutely nothing. the poem is actually about a man named anyone and a Woman named noone. anyone found the love of his life, noone. every part of anyone's life affected her life in some way. one day anyone died and nobody died soon after. the two of them were buried side by side, which showed how strong their love was. no body was supposed to know of their love for each other, but every one did because it was a small town.

i believe that cummings was trying to talk about finding true happiness. anyone and nobody were truly happy together, even though they shouldn't have been (according to the town). even after the two of them die, they find happiness together in the after life as they dream together. cummings shows how people can find true happiness, even if it is in a small town.

anyone lived in a pretty how town has many literary devices throughout the entire poem. cummings uses narrative poetry, quatrain, couplet, and end rhyme. this poem tells a story of a man named anyone in a narrative poem form. cummings also uses a quatrain, which is a stanza of four lines. a couplet is a rhyme used in two consecutive lines. this poem has a couplet in the first two lines of each stanza, with the rhyme being at the end of the line. an example...