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J'ai vecu en France j'usqua l'age de deux ans. I was born in France and left when I was two. I was raised very traditionally, in a very Moroccan surrounding. My punishments were even the same as in Morocco. There were no rules against hitting your children with a belt according to them. My mom is a fashion designer of a clothing company named Bisou-Bisou. My dad is the CEO of the company and takes care of all the business deals the company makes. They were not successful the first few times they tried. My family declared bankruptcy twice before the business started to bloom. When the business was just beginning, I remember living in a small house with one brother and two sisters. I shared a room with my older brother and sister, and my little sister still slept with my parents. There was no other place to sleep.

Things are a lot different now. When I go out shopping with my mom, whenever she uses her credit card, the people at the register always ask her if she is the Michele Bohbot, the actual designer of Bisou-Bisou. They always make remarks about how much they admire my mom and so on. She used to be flattered but now she just says thanks and is polite, but the compliments roll right off her shoulder.

I live in a mansion in Beverly Hills, but my parents under-spoil me in my opinion according to what they have. They make sure I learn the value of money and I don't just spend it as if it "grows on trees," as they always tell me. They don't even spoil me with miniscule things, such as buying gas for my car. If they were to give me a pre-paid gas card, they...