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I wish to be enrolled in AP courses to better prepared to manage the workload of college. AP courses will prepare me for the type of classes I will take in college. They will give a feel of the college environment. These courses will show any college admissions officer how serious I am about attending college. Some students think that their senior year is a time to relax and take an easy course load. I feel that this is ridiculous because college is right around the corner and taking a break will only hurt you. I want to be challenged academically and I believe that only advanced placement classes can offer me the challenge I need. AP courses will test knowledge obtained in previous years and give me new perspective. I want to continue my rigorous course load and receive the best high school education possible. These classes will allow me to explore other career options.

Advanced placement classes will give me an edge on the competition. These classes will make me a better all around student, make my admissions portfolio look better, and increase my likelihood of getting accepted to my number one college choice. AP classes will overall make me a better student.