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Andrea Arteaga

Period 3, Mr. Neal

AP Euro

September 22, 2014


Martin Luther

I live in Eisleben, Germany

For a living, I am a Theologian

My wife is Katharina von Bora and we meet when I was helping twelve nuns escape inside a covered wagon

I believe salvation is only gained through faith alone

I am most famous for my 95 theses

My family is made up of my wife and I and then we had six chidren, three sons and daughters

I lived from 1483 to 1546

I decided to stop "following" the church because they are scamming all of their followers

John Calvin

I live in Picardy, France

For a living, I am a Theologian and a Journalist

My wife is Idelette Storder de Bure Calvin

I believe in reforming the Catholic Church

I am most famous for a powerful impact on fundamental doctrines of Protestantism

I was an important spiritual and political leader in Germany

I was credited as the most important figure in the second generation of the Protestant Reformation

I am the father of Calvinism, the theological system

While I was living in Paris, I left Roman Catholicism and joined the Protestant Movement

Businessman/ Merchant

I live in Germany

For a living, I trade goods

My wife is a housewife

I believe with everything Martin Luther is saying and doing

Us, Merchants are considered the new rich class

German Peasant- Male

I live in a village with others like myself

For a living, I am a

My wife is a worker just like me and she is allowed to work aside with me

I believe Martin Luther's 95 Theses is crazy just like him, and I 100% agree with everything the church is doing

My life revolves around church, work, and my family...