Apathy in the Workplace.

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Apathy in the Workplace

There are many different occurrences of apathy in this world. I am sure that every one of us in our life has been apathetic in some way. Whether it is not keeping up with personal hygiene or not caring about your schoolwork, somehow most of us have been apathetic. The main problem with apathy, I think, is in the workplace. This could be in many different jobs. For instance at hospitals, large corporations, restaurants, even at school.

Over the years I have heard many different stories of people not caring about their jobs or being careless on the job. This may seem like a minor problem in the beginning but over time this has lead to larger ordeals. Apathy in the workplace can be not very sanitary but also very dangerous.

For instance, if a cook worked in a restaurant and was careless of preparing food it could be very dangerous for its customers.

The customer's could get very sick and even die because of the cook's carelessness. The cook, on the other hand, will also have negative consequences. He would most likely be fired. This could also turn into a major lawsuit. Now, not only is the cook involved for being apathetic, but also the restaurant he represents. The carelessness of the cook could have not only ruined his life, the customers, but also his companies.

Being apathetic is not a quality that employers look for. Apathetic people end up, usually, not very successful people. I'm not saying that everyone that has been apathetic is gonna fail in life, but a majority will find themselves unhappy and unsuccessful. They don't care about their job and can be the reason a company shuts down. Just because they don't feel like executing the proper safety measures when...