How to aply make-up.

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My mother allowed me to start wearing make-up at a very early age. She explained to me that her parents did the same thing for her. It gave the opportunity to practice at a young age so that once she reached high school and college she would know how to wear it. Unlike all the other girls who were restricted before, who now looked like clowns. This went pretty much the same way with me, all my friends were unable to wear make-up until about middle school and it definitely showed. This is why, feel that it is important to learn how to apply make-up in order to achieve the perfect look with without appearing too made up. The key is to enhance your natural beauty is to bring out your best features, not cover them up. For instance if you have beautiful eyes, but don't care for your lips, focus more on your eye shadow rather than your lipstick.

The main rule to remember throughout everything is less more, and more is less.

Start with a good concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone, this is so that you can blend in the dark circles under your eyes. The next step is the foundation or in the case of oily skin, powder is a good alternative. Dot the foundation along your cheekbones, on your forehead, and a little on the nose and chin, then blend outward and upward towards your hair line. This will hide any small imperfections, blend in blotchiness or discoloration and help you achieve a clean clear complexion.

After achieving a clear and natural base tone, the next thing to do is pick out a blush. Blush has long been considered a beauty must. With just a few brush strokes, you can...