Apocalypse at the Nuclear Plant

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Apocalypse at the Nuclear Plant

Pete pulled up to the familiar sight of cooling towers overshadowing his car as he parked his car next to the multitude of his coworkers. His day began just like the others. If there was any plutonium to be expected, he was damn sure he would be the one to inspect it. He walked past George the security guard, asked him how he was doing even though he didn't really give a rat's ass how he was, he was just a friendly person. As he strolled down the corridor to the area in which he worked, he noticed something strange. There was not as many people buzzing around the hallways, hitting on the women workers, or even hanging around the coffee maker. 'Must be another layoff meeting,' he thought to himself as he slid his access card into the slot and the door opened.

'Thank god you're here!' his boss, Jarvis explained.

Pete checked his watch. 'Am I late?' he queried. 'No time for that, no time for that damnit!' Jarvis seemed very upset about something to say the least. 'Well, what is it?' Pete asked with a look of haste swimming across his face.

Jarvis lead Pete over to the main testing area. 'We discovered this late last night. Seems one of the plutonium pieces is...,' he paused with a gulp, 'changing.'


'You better believe it because it took me an hour to comprehend what is going on.'

'What exactly IS going on?'

Jarvis explained in his own special slightly whiny voice that he chose to break out only in large meetings but decided to give Pete the thrill of hearing now. One of the experimental pieces of plutonium had become so unstable that it had actually began changing form. It had undergone...