Apocolypse Now

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Apocalypse Now

Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Producer: Francis Ford Coppola

Associate Producer: John Ashley

Producer (Redux): Kim Aubry

Director of Photography: Vittorio Storaro

Writers: Joseph Conrad (Heart of Darkness)

John Milius

Francis Ford Coppola

Michael Herr (narration)

Editors: Lisa Fruchtman

Gerald B. Greenberg

Walter Murch

Soundtrack Composer: Carmine Coppola

Lead Performers Character's Name

Martin Sheen Captain Benjamin L. Willard

Robert Duvall Lt. Col. Bill Kilgore

Sam Bottoms Lance B. Johnson

Laurence Fishburne Tyrone "Clean" Miller

Within the film Apocalypse Now, there are many subtle yet clearly obvious differences between Coppola's original 1979 film and the Redux version released in 2001. Although these differences may just look subtle, they actually take away from the film. The feeling within some scenes totally changes when watching the Redux over the original.

One of the first differences that I saw was the landing of Kilgore. In the original, the viewer never sees him land.

In the Redux version, the viewer gets a sense of who he is just from his landing. All the troops around him have to duck because of the helicopter landing. This sort of symbolizes that Kilgore is the leader and everyone under him has to bow at his presence.

Another clip within the scene that we watched that was cut was when a troop was helping refugees into the evacuation boat. In the original version all that one sees is Kilgore telling the people to watch their hands as the door was closing. In the Redux version the viewer watches a soldier help the people in. This shows that the army was not there to hurt the innocent rather then hurt the enemy.

One scene that was really cut, and was really ironic was the prayer scene. You have a prayer service going on, with a battle being fought...