Apollo 13

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Just when interest in NASA and rockets to the moon began to decline, things began to fall apart: crucial oxygen tanks exploded on board the lunar spacecraft Apollo 13 in the spring of 1970.

Everything went wrong at the wrong time, and suddenly mission control realized that what goes up doesn't necessarily come down.

Apollo 13 was an accident waiting to happen, and the attempt to rescue three astronauts in a two man lunar module captivated the televised world.

Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon and Bill Paxton are the marooned spacemen- Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert, and Fred Haise and their ship is "bleeding to death." They're low on oxygen and they are beginning to feel the deadly effects of carbon dioxide. They're two hundred thousand miles from home and their not sure how or if they are going to get home. Ed Harris is the flight commander; he's responsible for finding the missing route home.

Kathleen Quinlan plays Jim's wife, Marilyn Lovell, who's good at keeping her fear just under raps. She does not suffer for the media. With her son in her arms, she watches television coverage of the rescue mission with her eyes fixed to the screen. Apollo 13 is about horror and how private it can be.

The CO2 is reaching deadly levels now and the filters are designed to compensate for two crew members only, not three. To solve this problem mission control has to find a way to make a square filter fit in a round hole. This is accomplished in the nick of time by taking several things that they had with them and constructing a make shift adapter. This was just one of many problems solved, they were still not home.

Drifting in space and low on amps, what's left of the craft...