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There are many aspects of problem solving in the movie, "Apollo 13", these aspects include arrangement and transformation, which were some of the types of problems; means end analysis and forming subgoals, which are approaches to problem solving; examples of satisficing; utilization of the classical decision theory; and inductive and deductive reasoning. In problem solving, careful decision making is vital to reach the desired outcome The primary problem in Apollo 13, was a piece of equipment broke on the Odyssey causing the oxygen to vent into space and the power to be lost. This term of event caused the crew the loss of not landing on the moon as well as other side effects of this accident such as, the crew becoming sick and cold, and they did not know how to get them home due to the condition of the Odyssey. This could be an example of transformation because they were desperately trying to arrange a series of steps to reach a goal which was to get them home.

The reason why there was a series of steps is because they had to do everything in the right order because they had very little to work with on reaching such a big goal and these steps were crucial in working. They also used the problem of arrangement because with the use of certain equipment on the shuttle they had to arrange it in a specific way to build a device with only the equipment they had to build it with that would be a solution to this problem.

In addition, some approaches they used to problem solving was the means end analysis approach and the forming of subgoals. They had a goal, or the end they wanted, and they had to figure out the means they had to...