Appealing to the masses

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Claudia Santos

May 17, 2012


Appealing to the Masses

In my life I have purchased hundreds of perfumes. From famous brand names to uncommonly used brands, I've tried them all. One particular perfume that woke all my senses up was CK One by Calvin Klein. I have been using this scent for 10 years. It was released in 1994. It is the type of perfume that makes anyone feel comfortable and fresh all day. It is like stepping out of an icy shower on a summer day, where you washed yourself with a refreshing shower gel. A perfume is supposed to be affordable, last most of the day and make one feel attractive; this fragrance is amazing because it does just that. Not to mention it is unisex.

One of CK One's commercial displayed slides of beautiful men and women, an older lady and man, some being sexy and desirable, while others were just standing there being part of the "young generation".

It portrayed one of the males kissing a woman, an older woman standing next to a young man, and a crowd of young adults smiling and dancing around with an old man standing still but included in the scene. The video itself is in black and white, in my opinion it is trying to take away from an aesthetic appeal to focus on your emotions. It does so by drawing you into the idea that the perfume is appealing for all. This advertisements promotion of an olfactory charm appealing to both men and women of all ages caused me to desire the perfume and therefore expect it to be a pleasant fragrance.

It does not matter where you are someone is definitely going to ask you what you are wearing, whether a man or a...