Appeals of the Smirnoff Vodka Advertisement

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Every year, companies spend billions of money to promote their products on advertising. Realizing that successful advertising stimulates sales of products directly, advertisers present the excellence of their products to consumers by all possible means. Some magazines even contain more advertisements than contents. Gradually, consumers feel tired and become resistant to tons of similar advertisements around them. How do advertisers highlight their product and catch consumers' attention among hundreds of competitors? Some of them abandon the old style of advertisement and present their products in ways different from the tradition, which appeal readers by reviving their latent desires through covert or overt means. In this advertisement of the Smirnoff vodka from a male magazine, advertisers promote their products by applying several skillful techniques and appeals which implicate with each other to awaken male readers' desire for power.

First of all, this advertisement makes use of the setting of the scene to attract readers' attention.

The main topic of this advertisement is a famed event, the San Fermin festival. The whole picture is full of motion and the participators are running cheerfully with motivation. When readers flip through this advertisement, their attention will be captured by the strong vitality of the picture. Furthermore, the utilization of the contrast of colors moves readers' focus from the whole picture to the crowd of people, whose clothes are relatively bright in the picture. Curiosity arises and readers will think, "What are they doing?" This question brought up by the picture keeps readers' attention on the page and gradually leads them to the main theme of this advertisement: the need for power.

Grasping readers' attention, this advertisement appeals readers by emphasizing the power needed to satisfy their desire for aggression. Moving further from the crowd of people, readers will discover the group of black oxen...