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In the essay “Body Image” by Cindy Maynard tells how to eat and exercise correctly to achieve a good body image. Having a great body is one of the things that everyone dreams of. People diet to get the perfect shape, and they would do anything to achieve it. However, some people have failed in eating healthy causing to abnormal eating or disordered eating, which affect their health. The author’s purpose in the essay is to help young people escape the trap of seeing themselves as physically unattractive and how to view our body in a healthy way.

The author states that girls are very concerned about their weight and shape. They want to be slim and tall while boys are not exception. It found that a growing number of men are increasingly concerned with body image. They want to be a “real” man that is to have a bigger and muscular body.

Therefore, they play sports to contribute their negative body image. For example, Jon, a 15-year-old, states, “Guys are in competition, especially in the weight room. They say, “I can bench 215 lbs.’ And the other guy says, ‘Well, I can bench 230 lbs.’. If you’re stronger, you’re better.”The main cause that encourages young people to seek a beautiful shape is the media stereotypes. Magazines, television, newspapers, and advertisements are the types of media that can affect their way of thinking because these girls and boys are prone to be influenced easily. One of the most effective forms of the media is to tell people that there is something wrong with them or their lives. They see images on television and they will do anything to look like that certain someone. Sadly, as a result, this repeated exposure, the “thin” idea, can lead many young girls...