Appearance verses reality in William Shakespeare's "Othello": Is Iago a person who can be trusted?

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Appearance verses reality. This topic is shown to its full potential in William Shakespeare's "Othello" for it shows you the difference and the reality of the people's true personality, so we can easily look at what kind of person Iago really is.

Is Iago a person can trust? From the very first page you can tell what kind of person Iago is. He is furious about Othello who passed a position to another person, Cassio, who he said is a (Quote "Arithmetician" act 1, scene 1, page2 line 18) which means Cassio is a mere administrator so he is already against Othello regarding himself higher than Cassio and Othello's choice.

Iago is using Roderigo which can be seen in {act 1, scene 1, page 2 line 2}"Had my purse which means able to rely on me for money but Iago fools Roderigo by saying that he is offended by this statement by saying 'Sblood ,but you'll not hear me!"{Act 1 scene 1, page 2 line 4} so to make Roderigo believe that he is unfortunately Roderigo is blind of Iago's attempt to keep and further use him to his needs.

Roderigo is not the only person who Iago fools into trusting his word, Brabanzio's ,is next in his plan to help him in his plot on Othello. This is first clearly seen in act 1, scene 1 page 5 line 85.

In order for Iago to stay close to Othello he must present to be faithful and trustworthy in order for Othello to keep him close.{Quote Othello 'Tis better as it is. Iago Nay, but he prated and spoke such scurvy and provoking terms against your honor."} This is an excellent way of showing how Iago uses Othello but Iago also goes against Othello in act 1, scene 2, page...