Appeasment in the second world war was good.

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Historians still debate this day if Appeasement was good or bad and what the outcomes could have been if it happened differently. Proof does suggest that Hitler was planning for revenge with or without Appeasement. It can be argued that appeasement was the perfect choice or that it was completely and utterly wrong but like always people have the right to have their own opinions in this world. We think that Appeasement was therefore the better choice because it helped in numerous ways. Appeasement did postpone war for a while which probably gave England some time to build up their army or it might have cooled down the force of Hitler's major attack by letting him spread his offensive over some time. Appeasement was used against Hitler allowing him to fulfill his aims in the hope that he would stop and in the hope of avoiding war.

Britain and most of its public felt sorry for Germany because of the tight restrictions set upon them with the treaty after the First World War.

People thought that Germany had learned its lesson after many years of harsh restrictions and that it was time for them to release them from their struggling. This idea grew and many people just wanted Germany to have some freedom and that started some protests and slowly Britain started to feel sorry for Germany after all. This is why appeasement did occur.

Britain and many countries all would have known about Hitler's book "Mein Kampf" which outlines his plans and desires. It was clearly known what Hitler was leading up too but appeasement still continued. Appeasement was good because it did avoid war for roughly nine years till one day Britain just snapped and one of Hitler's demands was not full-filled and therefore leading onto war.