"Appendices for Thomas Edison". These are appendices for a Thomas Edison term paper.

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Appendix A

Famous Quote

One of Thomas Edison's most famous quotes was, "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration" (Buranelli 1).

Appendix B

Famous Quote

Edison would tell those who were inspired by him, "Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits" (Buranelli 1).

Appendix C

Railroad Telegrapher

Edison served as a railroad telegrapher before his big success. He saw no point in staying awake on the late night job. He was supposed to send a signal every half hour, so he attached a clock to the key, which would send a signal every half hour. This would allow him to get some sleep while still being paid for what he thought of as a pointless job (Baldwin 35).

Appendix D

Electric Train

In 1880, Thomas Edison built a small-scale electric train on the grounds of Menlo Park. The locomotive was much smaller than the giant steam locomotives already on the rails across America.

The small train would serve as a model for large-scale machines if he could find buyers for his machines. His locomotive was a small open vehicle and the engineer sat just behind one of the wheels with his feet nearly touching it. A battery close to his knee provided the power for the train (Clark 20). The train proved to be a success on its test run, so in later runs Edison took over the controls himself. There was one occasion where he hit a curve too fast that he caused the train to jump off the tracks. Edison called the accident "beautiful' meaning that it occurred because the train worked so well. After the accident, Edison closed in the engineers cab and covered the motor up as well, which made the invention look more like an ordinary train (21).

The model was...