Apple Computers (short)

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Apple Computers

Apple computers started out with two men. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniac. In the 70's these two men drop out of college to build computers.

They built their own personal computers in the garage of their parents in Palo Alto. At the same time Bill Gates was in college also. He was working on creating a computer language, which helps run pc. These two groups where soon to meet each other in the growth of an industry, but they don't know that yet. The first pc that was created was the Altair. The two Steve's created blue boxes, which can dial long distance numbers with out charge. They presented their product to Hewlett Packard but they were laughed at for their crazy invention. Soon they got an offer from IBM but they turned it down because they wanted to do it their own way. They tried to get loans from banks but they were turned down various times.

But eventually they got their loans and where on the way to completing their pc. Bill saw their pc and was interested in giving it the software to run. But he was given the cold shoulder at the convention at San Francisco. Their first pc was named the Apple II. Their company grew large and was the first personal computer bussniess to get so far. Their stock was worth one hundred million dollars at that time. Then their next computer was the Lisa named after Steve Jobs baby child. For their next computer they came up with the Macintosh. But some of their ideas were taking from the company Xerox for their color and mouse and operational capabilities. Because of that technology Apple Company became a billion dollars ahead of any other company out there at that time. Bill Gates...