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Marketing and Sales Strategies of Apple Inc.


Over Apple's thirty-five year history, Apple has become the worldwide model for what a successful company should look like. Apple's annual revenue climbed to $108.25 billion dollars and their shares rose 75% during the fiscal year of 2011. After winning the Fortune "Most Admired Company" award for the fifth year in a row and having their value top the $600 billion dollar mark, Apple is asserting its position as the most valuable US company in the world ("World's Most Admired Companies 1). For Apple to maintain their patterns of growth and dominance in the consumer electronics industry, they will need to place more of an emphasis in growing the Apple brand in international markets.

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this report is to analyze Apple's marketing and sales strategies and provide recommendations where improvements can be made. The report will include the following: (1) The history of Apple as a company.

In order to analyze the progression of Apple's marketing and sales strategies, it is crucial that the members of the consulting team know what type of company Apple is and have sufficient background of the company; (2) The foundation of Apple's success in launching each new innovative line of products has been their focus on providing a premium product that any type of consumer can understand. Apple has been able to take their vision based around ease of usability for the consumer and develop one of the most unique marketing platforms the electronics industry has ever seen. This section will discuss the pros associated with each one of Apple's marketing concepts, ranging from strategies regarding retail stores specifications to packaging details. Each marketing tool that Apple has utilized that has provided a benefit will be discussed in detail; (3)...