Apples' Revolution

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Apples' Revolution

Joshua Cruz



Table of Contents

Introduction 1

History of Apple 1

Beginning Years 1

Steve Jobs Starts Again 1

Apples' Marketing 2

Apples' New Technologies 3

iPod 1st Generation 3

New Apple Products 3

User Opinions 4

Conclusion 5

References 6

List of Figures

1) Apple Stock Price 2

2) Smart Phone Loyalty 4


Apples' Revolution


Apple, a multi-billion dollar company, was saved in 2001 by Steve Jobs. Apple Inc. has had some interesting history, but their new technologies and genius marketing skills have created a revolution in music devices that users appreciate.

History of Apple

Apple became popular in the 1980's, but Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple®, was fired later in 1985. Apple had a rough start but now is more than well off.

Beginning Years

Apple was founded 1976, in Cupertino, California, by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne.

Steve Job s was 21, and Steve Wozniak was 25, but Ronald Wayne is considered one of the forgotten founders of Apple, because he was 41 years old but was afraid that Apple would go bankrupt so he sold his shares for $800. Before Ronald Wayne sold his share in Apple, Apple presented their Apple I to Byte Shop, Byte Shop was impressed and decided to order 50 computers, for $500 each, with only one problem, Apple only sold circuits not whole computers. Both Steve's accepted the offer and took out a loan to help develop the first Apple Macintosh (Linzmayer, 1999). Mike Markkula, another founder of Apple in 1976, put a huge financial risk into Apple, he put $92,000 into Apple, which secured a $250,000 credit at the Bank of America (Linzmayer, 1999). Markkula retired January 1997, his 20th anniversary, and while some thought he retired because Steve...