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Describe the process for dealing with disputes

When there is one or more employees, have a dispute then it will be sorted out by the managers. The stages it goes through will be, the section manager will go and investigate the problem and see what the dispute is over.

Then after the investigation is complete then the section manager will make a decision. If the dispute carries on then M&S have a disciplinary policy.

For dealing with a dispute there are 3 stages in M&S?

1) Minor offence which is a verbal warning.

2) More serious event which is a written warning.

3) If this offence is not take in consideration then there is another written warning

If this is not taken into consideration then it will be a dismissal.

Identify official employee groups

M&S have their own official employee group. It is BIG. BIG= Business Involvement Group.

In the BIG team there are 2 people who represent the employees.

What ever they talk about in the meeting will be passed on to all of the employees. This meeting will happen ever month. There is also another 10 members of the BIG group. There is 1 chairman and 1 depute. This BIG group has been set up by M&S for the employees. This is instead of the Union. The BIG group represents the employees and the employees chose these members. Everything that will happen in the meeting will be all about what the employees want.