Applying ANOVA and Nonparametric Test

Essay by te118118 April 2006

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Applying ANOVA and Nonparametric Tests Simulation required for week's four individual exercises made students take part in four-month analysis of Praxidike Systems. Praxidike is a software firm that develops and provides a vast array of software solutions to a wide client base. This simulation involved analyzing variables like customer satisfaction and productivity. Students were required to elect which method of testing would be used and then present operational suggestions based on their results. Upon completing the simulation, I gave my thought on the simulation exercise.

One of three key lessons learned by me was when to use the Kruskal-Wallis test to compare data for more than two populations. The Kruskal-Wallis is used to analyze data that does not have a normal distribution and/or the data has been deemed ordinal and not quantitative. Another key lesson learned is that if you do not consider the right variables, failing to consider correctly could lead to poor decisions.

You also have to carefully study test results to determine if something really has a bearing on the experiment's outcome.

By completing this simulation, I thought I would now be able to use the tools such as the Two- way ANOVA and Chi Square test to determine the effectiveness of sales people and study what factors most influence the success of new hires as they become acclimated to the sales field. I also felt that these tools would become relied upon tremendously in my workplace. The tests could be used to determine certain correlations between lagging production schedules and employee break times. The tests could also be used to determine the relationship between productivity and communication.

Finally, to the key decision maker in this simulation I would like to suggest having more information on the amount of money invested in each project and concentrate particularly...